It's simply a better brush

-Brushes three sides at once

-Easier for care providers

-More comfortable for care recipients

-Half the time to remove plaque than other brushes

-Every study proves increased efficiency

This brush is perfect for:

-Young children

-People with dental braces

-Caregivers and Parents

-People with limited hand and/or arm motion

-Or anyone!

This is why the Collis-Curve Toothbrush works better:

The Sulcus is the space between the tooth and gum where bacteria breed causing cavities and bad breath. Your dentist uses curved instruments such as a scaler to clean your teeth in the sulcus. The cleaning action of the Collis-Curve Toothbrush approximates that of 100 scalers working at once to clean your teeth all over, including in the sulcus!


It removed up to 40% more plaque than any manual brush and at the same time improved gingival health by up to 68% in comparison

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About the Collis Curve toothbrush

Like many great ideas the Collis Curve toothbrush (world-wide patents) is very simple. For many years American dentist George Collis felt that straight bristle toothbrushes were difficult to use really effectively. The complicated 'scrub and roll' technique was hard to teach to children, and indeed many adults also failed to apply it. People would end up in his clinic to have their teeth cleaned with his curved scaling instruments.